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 To Take Tabuan Jaya And Beyond For Christ


 To build a community of believers to love and to know Christ and to make Him known to others

Christmas must always be about the birth of the promised saviour, Jesus. With His birth into this fallen world as a human baby, God fulfilled His promise to the Israelites made thousands of years before. The promise was for the grace of God, who offers salvation to all, first to the Jews and then to the nations, to come and redeem all who believe in Him. For all on whom His favour rests, He gives them peace that the world cannot give. That is wonderful for two reasons.

Firstly, we receive hope through Christ Jesus. Despite this COVID-19 Pandemic, we find hope in that Christ Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection and ultimately His ascension to the right hand on high. Every single one of us has faced the sorrow of losing a loved one to COVID-19 complications. Every single one of us knows of someone who has or still is suffering from COVID-19. Every single one of us knows of someone who is suffering from the devastation caused by COVID-19 on their life and work or school. No one is spared and all suffer in one way on another. But we know that COVID-19 cannot steal our guaranteed salvation which we receive through Jesus. Even in death, we know we will transition into a wonderful eternity with Him so long as we are His while alive. Death has no more sting in the light of Christ Jesus’ resurrection. Hence, we have hope in Christ Jesus.

Secondly, because we have hope in Him, we experience peace. During this Pandemic, every morning we wake up, we worry if we have been infected by COVID-19 the day before. We worry if someone in our household was infected and has passed it on to others. We worry if someone we met in the office or school, or shop is infected. Unfortunately, due to the cunningness of the virus, we cannot be certain until after symptoms manifest or tests are done. The unpredictability of the disease creates stress, for some too unbearable to stand. The worry weighs down on them to the point they live in constant fear. We all know at least one of our friends or family member who is like this. But with the peace received from our holy loving Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, we can strive forward knowing that He is with us all the way. Even if we are infected and go through all five categories of sickness, we can be assured that God is there to guide and lead us. We experience His peace when He makes His presence felt, something which we all must pray for. His peace must take away all our worries so that we are able to live lives according to His command.

Jesus was born into this world to enable us to live lives in hope and peace, striving towards holy living. Yes, Christians will sin because we are not perfect. Not yet. However, through the grace of God, we are able to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives. This must be our prayer, that we will realise our calling to be salt and light of the world through living lives in righteousness through the grace of God and the peace attained from Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

And so, as we approach another Christmas, let us be assured of His wonderful gift to us in the form of His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus is the grace of God made manifest to this fallen world. In Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we receive peace that the world cannot give.
May the peace of God which passes all understanding and His all-encompassing grace be with you and your loved ones this Christmas and into the new year.