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Greetings from Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church, Kuching.

I write this on the tenth day of February 2021. We are still in the thick of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cases in Sarawak specifically and Malaysia generally are still too numerous for any of us to breath a sigh of relief. Everyone still needs to follow the enforced Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) given out by the relevant agencies in order to bring the curve down and low. Everyone still needs to wear face masks properly whenever necessary and keep our physical distance. So much fear and worry fill our daily lives because the virus is invisible and unpredictable. Our hope now rests on vaccines which is not 100% effective in protecting everyone from getting infected and dying from COVID-19. However, it is definitely a step forward to bring down the number of cases and deaths. Still, no one can be perfectly sure of a positive outcome in the nearest future with some experts predicting that the Pandemic will last more than 7 years. So much for the hope of a brighter future in this new decade.

But for us who believe in Jesus Christ, there is always hope. There is hope for everyone despite the terrible blanket of death and depression brought by COVID-19. In Jesus Christ, there is hope of salvation that can save everyone, even in death. He promised that He would be with His faithful disciples through the valley of death, at its gates and even in it. For in Christ’s death on the cross, He defeated death once and for all. In His death, His faithful people will inherit eternal life in Him, forever secure and safe in His embrace. His faithful children should not fear death because it is merely a transition into eternity with Him. Hence, this COVID-19 Pandemic should not be feared but taken as an opportunity to solidify our faith and obedience to our loving God. During this Pandemic, let us not live in the darkness but instead reflect the true light that comes from Christ Jesus. As His faithful servants, we must serve Him by serving His creation. Shower the world with God’s grace and mercy so that despite the sufferings endured, His creation will experience His love in abundance.

In a few days, some of you will be celebrating the Chinese New Year in a manner never experienced before. Despite this, let us be reminded that God is in control and continues to provide and sustain us. You may not be able to gather with family members and friends like you used to, but I hope that you will continue to be thankful to Him for whatever you have now. I pray that in the Lunar New Year, He will continue to be with you and to guide you to do His will for His glory and honour. I also pray that He blesses you abundantly so that you can share His grace and mercy with others as you love and serve like His Son, Jesus.

The peace of the Lord Jesus be with you and yours this Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

Yours sincerely,